”We stand firm and will fight anyone that attempts to attack and assault the Kurdish freedom movement. Whoever opposes our righteous cause to live as free men in this world, with all our rights, will face our endless struggle. Let me be clear, including if they oppose us in the name of religion or if the enemy appears in religious camouflage or wears a sacred mask. I know perfectly well, as a man of religion and faith, that the Religion of God does not legitimate oppression of Kurds; God created us all equal, free, and independent. We are not subordinate to anyone. Would God’s religion permit Persians, Arabs, and Turks to be free and independent but deny Kurds the same right? Never! We dismiss this!”

Sheikh Ezzedin Hosseini

The Guardian (1959-2003) Jun 21, 1980 Return to the Mountains

New York Times (1923-Current file) Mar 3, 1979 – News quiz

The Times, Tuesday, Dec 04, 1979 pg. 6 Issue 60491 col E

The Times, Tuesday, Dec 04, 1979 pg. 6 Issue 60491 col E


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