from Will to Power


971 (Nov. 1887-March 1888)
sid. 509

Men who are destinies, who by bearing themselves bear destinies, the whole species of heroic bearers of burdens: oh how they would like to rest from themselves for once! how they thirst for strong hearts and necks, so as to be free from what oppresses them, at least for a few hours! And how vainly they thirst! – They wait; they look at everything that passes: no one approaches them with as much as a thousandth part of their sufferinga and passion, no one divines in what way they are waiting – At length, at length they learn their first piece of worldly prudence – not to wait any more; and soon another one: to be genial, to be modest, from now on to endure everyone, to endure everything – in short, to endure even a little more than they have endured so far.



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