from Pierre Bourdie

I need only cite Mahmoud Darwish, the great Palestinian poet, who declared in a language that could have been that of Kafka on the Jews of his time: ‘I do not believe there is any other people in the world who have been so required each day to prove their identity as are the Arabs. No one says to the Greeks: ”You’re not Greek”, or to the French: ”You’re not French”.’ Nothing seems more legitimate to me, both scientifically and politically, nor more fruitful, than to return to the particularity of the Arabs – or, more precisely. of the Pales-tinians, Kabyls or Kurds – not to fetishize it in any form of essentialism, of positive or negative racism, but rather to find in it the basis for a radical questioning of the particularity of a condition that raises in its most universal form the question of human universality.



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